Thor Movie Review

Thor Movie Review: The release of this silly but nice new movie based on the superhero Marvel Thor, the ancient god of thunder, has unleashed an extraordinary explosion of word games related to Thor online. Thousands of critics and bloggers from around the world have been competing for the best Thor joke. They have wondered if our troublesome hero is completely Thor about his fate. Have noticed that certain things are a bit of a Thor point with him. They have commented that good mythical superheroes have bad things happen, the pity of the Nordics.

  • Movie: Thor
  • Cast: Chris hemsworth, Natalie, Tom
  • Direction: Kenneth Branagh
  • Type: Action & Adventure
  • Duration: 2:31 hr

He undercuts actors like Jeremy Renner and Japanese star Tadanobu Asano in tiny roles. But this is kind of entertaining, a useful summer movie and Asgard is a good thing. (thor movie review) more

Story- The story of the film begins with Odin’s son ‘Thor’ (Chris Hemsworth). Who returns to his home after finishing his old enemy ‘Sartur’. But there his father is not Odin. Loki taking the form of his father is ruling ‘Asgard’ and has left his father ‘Odin’ on earth. After revealing Loki’s secret to the people, Thor sets out with Loki in search of his father. Doctor Strange helps Thor to find his father.

Thor movie review

Who knows where Odin is. Seeing both sons in their last moments, ‘Odin’ veils a big secret of his life. He explains that his first child is God of Death. Which is very cruel and powerful and which he has kept in prison for many years, but now he is free. Hela wants to get ‘Ragnarok’ so that he can destroy the whole world and Asgard.

Thor is very weak in front of Hela, the strength of Hela can be gauged from the fact that even the powerful ‘hammer’ of Thor does not work on him, Hela crushes him like a child’s toy. But will Thor save Asgard from Hela? And will the powerful Hulk support Thor in this fight. Will Thor win with the mighty Hela without a hammer? To get an answer to all these questions, you have to watch this film.

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