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Nora Fatehi did belly dance on Swanag’s version

Bollywood's famous actress Nora Fatehi has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with her dance. She is often seen rocking...

Covid-19 kills one million people worldwide Where is spreading?

Experts say that the death toll from the coronavirus epidemic has exceeded one million worldwide. Coronavirus infection is spreading even faster in many places....

Why the latest picture of the economy has surprised economists

Why the latest picture of the economy has surprised economists: Everyone has felt that the economy is under a lot of pressure amidst the...
covid 19

Corona virus Nepal: Concerns that it may strike again in Dashain-Tihar

Corona virus Nepal: The Ministry of Health and Population has come to the conclusion that if the number of active infected people in Nepal...

Dig into the Details of IGTV and Find Out How It Helps in Video...

The advent of social networking sites has majorly modified the entire ballgame of marketing across the global platform. People love to invest more resources...

Madonna directing her own ‘biopic’

New York - Singer Madonna's biography is to be made into a film. The film will be directed by Madonna, according to international media...