Super 30 Movie Review

Super 30 Movie Review: Vikas Bahl managed to make tremendous headlines from Kangana Ranaut’s film Queen. Development had entertained people well by making progressive, feminist and entertainment films among the dominance of the male dominated society of the country. This wonderful film not only named Vikas Bahl in the industry but also played an important role in establishing Kangana.

  • Movie: Super 30
  • Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Pankaj Tripathi Mrinal Thakur
  • Direction: Vikas Bahl
  • Type: Biography
  • Duration: 2:35 hr

The Super 30 begins with a flashback. An excellent student, Anand Kumar, is admitted to Crabinj University, but due to poor economic conditions. Anand’s father dies and has to run a house selling papad made by his mother. (super 30 movie review) more

A person bears the cost of educating such children for free and their living, eating and drinking. Respect for this person increases when it is revealed. That he himself is suffering from poverty. Anand Kumar, who hails from Bihar, did this amazing work and the children he created have reached high positions today. Anand Kumar is a true superhero and proves that work matters, not the best looks to be a superhero. Based on the major events in the life of mathematician Anand Kumar. The film ‘Super 30’ was produced by director Vikas Bahl which shows the struggle and victory of a person.

super 30 movie review

The film starts from the year 2017, when Fugga (Vijay Verma) narrates the story of Anand Kumar in London. From there the story goes into flashbacks and shows the time around 1997. Anand Kumar, an expert in mathematics, gets admission in Cambridge University, but due to financial constraints, this dream remains incomplete. After the father’s death, Anand and his brother face a mountain of troubles and he works as a papad seller. During this, Lallan (Aditya Srivastava), who runs a coaching institute, turns his eyes on Anand. He gives Anand a job to teach in his coaching institute and Anand gets a lot of money.

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