Senti-Virus Movie Review

Senti-Virus Movie Review: Dayahang plays the pioneer of a settlement of the landless in the town. Buddhi Tamang is Dhrubaram’s nearby neighbor who agrees with Juneli’s position in the political decision. At that point there is a land mafia (Sandip) who needs the settlement expelled from the land which he has legitimately procured. What’s more, there is a neighborhood youth (Wilson) who switches sides dependent on conceivable increase dismissing any philosophies.

  • Movie: Senti Virus
  • Cast: Sitaram kattel, Kunjana Ghimire, Dayahang Rai
  • Director: Rambabu Gurung
  • Type: Drama, Action
  • Duration: 2:15 hr

Truly, there are such huge numbers of characters that just in any event a spin-off, if not a set of three or a TV arrangement, can legitimize the nearness of all them in the film. (senti virus movie review)

Senti-Virus Movie Review

Interestingly, Sitaram – Kunjana’s chemistry is worth seeing during the conflict, but it can’t be seen anywhere when they are on screen. Dhrubaram forced Juneli even though she made her choice, it cannot be digested well.

The background score, which resembles that of Napoleon Dynamite, which gave the small town or village a different feel (especially in the Kabaddi series) has also been used in this film. However, with so many loud characters and such a fast-paced script, the score doesn’t fit here. Furthermore, originality is lacking in storytelling, which resembles the style already popularized in our own industry. This movie is proof that television serial writers don’t always manage to come up with a well-structured story for a movie.

When you leave the theater, it seems that a large part of the film remains somewhere in the editing room, as the failed conclusion is so abrupt that it leaves many questions unanswered. Like, what happened to Sandip’s land mob character? If Dhrubaram was so generous, why did he not do so before he almost lost his wife? There are more questionable scenes in the procedure as well. Above all, the film does not give the meaning of Senti Virus. Honestly, what does it mean? Seeing Senti Virus is not infectious for you, and that is saying a lot.

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