Dig into the Details of IGTV and Find Out How It Helps in Video Marketing


The advent of social networking sites has majorly modified the entire ballgame of marketing across the global platform. People love to invest more resources on social networking sites than offline marketing strategies to attract potential visitors. (IGTV)

Brand establishment is best achieved by adopting specific Instagram marketing strategies, and the conventional ones practiced in the market. But given the outreach of these platforms, there are constant changes made regarding these marketing strategies.

The entire social marketing world is continually changing and coming up with new and modified ideas to channel traffic towards different companies. So, in case you intend to use these platforms for marketing purposes, you need to be well aware of these features and their detailed uses.

Among the rest of the features available in the market, the one that’s getting all the limelight is the IGTV of Instagram. Instagram is one of the popular social media out there that is being extensively used by the brands to propagate their business across the global platform. Apart from formulating the perfect Facebook ad templates, you must also be aware of using this feature to the fullest.

So, without wasting any additional time, let’s check out the details of IGTV and how this feature is extensively used for marketing business across the globe:

About IGTV

Instagram stories are fun to create and offer a pretty amazing platform to share your thoughts and products to the world. But the downside of this Instagram story feature is that it limits the activity to 15 seconds only. The brands can’t showcase their services or collaborate with any influencer for their product launch with such limitations. 

The ultimate motive of using Instagram is to make promotional content to attract the target audience’s attention towards the brand. If you want to communicate with the audience directly, you need more than 15 seconds. And hence, the entire story feature fails to satisfy the brands’ marketing requirements using Instagram for their promotions.

As with that, this became quite visible to Instagram; the social networking site launched IGTV to provide an outstanding solution to these problems. With IGTV, the users can share the videos till a one-hour duration. Although it might sometimes not be enough, it is quite profitable compared to the 15 seconds IG stories.

IGTV is available in vertical formats, which are pretty useful for mobile users. Therefore, it offers a bigger and advanced platform for consumers to follow these brand content as they all use mobile throughout the day. It is easy to access and can connect any user across the global platform without any worries. 

These IGTV videos take the entire mobile screen, which remains accessible by all on both the Instagram mobile and desktop versions. One can also get the IGTV application for easy access to these videos if they do not want to miss out on the chances to grab deals and offers.

How Is IGTV helping in Video Marketing?

Here are some ways how IGTV can be used profitably for video marketing across the global platform:

Tutorial Videos

You must have seen how the top-rated influencers are continuously making tutorial videos for their fans across Instagram. They mostly do so by using the IGTV feature. One of the reasons behind such videos’ success is the engagement factor that the influencer increases as they directly communicate with the followers.

Along with that, they motivate their followers to try out these looks or dishes and tag them along with the pictures or videos when they post them on Instagram. Not only it helps the influencer to increase his/her visibility, but it also increases brand awareness in the market. 

Many companies also love to collaborate with these bloggers and influencers to increase their brand awareness and reach out to the maximum audience through such a platform.

Q and A Session

People aren’t only interested in your product videos or tutorials. People also love to get an insight of the celebrities and the eminent personalities around them. That is why many celebrities use the IGTV feature to conduct a Q&A session with their fans.

Many brands also communicate directly with the followers to know about their expectations through such games. They conduct such sessions to get the raw feedback on their products and change the formulation to reach their audience well.

Host an Event

Another great way to use IGTV would be by hosting any event related to the brand or the products. Given the lockdown phase, many brands are using this platform to launch their products and host events worldwide.

And since it remains open to all, followers from all over the world can join without any hassles. In simpler terms, it helps the company save many resources without compromising with their marketing strategies with the entire world.

Cross Promotion

Why remain confined to only IGTV when you can channelize these to other platforms as well? Yes, IGTV can be used to cross-promote on other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

So, even if you are users who aren’t able to follow you on Instagram, they can still follow you on other social platforms due to such features of IGTV. And that is how you get to channelize the audience from multiple platforms towards your brand with the help of IGTV. 

Final Verdict

Before you jump into this feature and start exploring the new layers available for your brand, make sure to target your audience first. You cannot end up designing videos and attractive content for all. However, the idea seems to be attractive but isn’t a feasible one. You only end up attracting a bulk to the website, which doesn’t translate into the sales. 

That isn’t the marketing goal of your company. Instead, focus on targeting the audience group and make content relevant to them. The clearer your brand message is, the better footfall you receive on your website. 

And ultimately, it can increase the sales of the products in the market. So, choose wisely, formulate the strategies well, and slay the entire online platform with your creative team to go viral with your brand. 


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