Baaghi 3 Movie Review

Baaghi 3 Movie Review: Baaghi 3 cast by tiger shroff, ritesh deshmukh, shraddha kapoor, direct by- Ahmed Khan films are fast turning into no-brainers. Earlier comedies took the leave-your-brains-behind route and now action films are telling us to do exactly that. We’ve been told to enjoy the action set pieces and not trouble ourselves into finding any strand of logic in such offerings

  • Movie: Baaghi-3
  • CAST: Tiger Shroff, Ritesh Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor
  • DIRECTION: Ahmed Khan
  • TYPE: Action
  • DURATION: 2:23 hr

Wavy muscles, strong abs, and a chiseled face. Meet Ronnie, the handsome hunk whose only job is to magically appear out of nowhere whenever his older brother Vikram is in trouble. He’ll hit the bad guys and get back to his own business. But in a sudden turn, Vikram is kidnapped by a terrorist group called Jaish-e-Lashkar in Syria, and Ronnie embarks on a rescue mission. more

Baaghi 3 Movie Review

This story is of two brothers, in which one brother Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) lives as a shadow of his brother Vikram (Ritesh Deshmukh). Ronnie reaches out to help Vikram in every trouble and every trouble. Ronnie and Vikram’s father (Jackie Shroff) was a police officer. He dies in an accident, but before he dies, he tells Ronny that he will always take care of Vikram. Rony saves Vikram at every step, considering his father’s last words as a stone streak.

One day Vikram gets a chance to join the police, which he refuses. Vikram says that he cannot even stand in front of the goons. While Ronnie does the washing of the goons alone. So he should be admitted to the police. But Vikram agrees after Ronnie convinces him. That 33 cases are going on against him due to which he cannot be admitted to the police.

There is a huge gangster named IPL in the area of ​​Agra where Vikram is posted. The IPL kidnaps families from different cities of the country and sends them to Syria. One day Vikram gets an order to raid the IPL base. He gets scared but together with brother Ronny. He saves the kidnapped family. Now he has become the coop of Agra.

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