Avatar Movie Review

Avatar Movie Review: And we thought sinking the Titanic was a titanic task! Well this time James Cameron chooses to play god and creates a whole new world with such exquisite delicacy. Esthete and attention to detail that it almost takes your breath away. In terms of pure technology, Avatar marks the coming of age of CGI and 3D cinema with its special effects from the art house and its treatment of wonder and awe.

  • Movie: Avatar
  • Cast: Sam worthington, Zoe saldana, Stephen lang
  • Direction: James Cameron
  • Type: Action & Adventurer
  • Duration: 3:36 hr

For one thing, it’s the sheer iridescence of the canvas and the never-before-seen contours of the creatures. Flora and fauna that fly across the screen that makes you marvel at how computers can enhance creativity. On the other hand, it’s the countless times you jump back to avoid arrows, pistols, or slide away from the floating dandelions and fierce birds of prey that leave you completely mesmerized with this new cinematic experience. (Avatar movie review) more

Avatar movie review

It is a simple story, told directly. In this futuristic world, the United States Armed Forces discover an invaluable mineral source in Pandora, a distant moon orbiting a star. They want to send their troops to tame the Na’vi Indians, before extracting the minerals. But before sending out their daisy cutters and rocket launchers. They send humans who have morphed into na’vi-like-like (they call them avatars) to infiltrate the peace-loving race and learn of its weaknesses and strengths.

Enter Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paraplegic marine, who is promised a pair of legs for betraying Pandora’s pacifists. It is not long before Jake falls in love with the beautiful Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). The daughter of Chief Na’vi, and becomes mischievous to his own people. I can’t really blame him, especially since his boss, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Is an evil, macabre, warrior who treats all non-Americans as a savage bitten fly, who lives in trees. ”

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