A corona infected at Chitwan Medical College died

CHITWAN: An infected man, who was undergoing treatment at the Chitwan Medical College (CMC) Teaching Hospital in Bharatpur, died on Sunday morning. According to the hospital, the man was admitted to the hospital on September 28 due to chest problems. He was diagnosed with corona infection the next day.

He died of acute respiratory failure after confirmation of the infection. Dayaram Lamsal said. He was being treated in the ICU of the hospital on a ventilator. He died at 8 in the morning, according to the hospital.

Twenty-two people have died of corona infection in Chitwan. Twelve of the deceased are from Chitwan.

A corona infected at Chitwan Medical College died

Infections and deaths of infected people have started increasing in Chitwan after August. By mid-July, two people had died in Chitwan and outside Chitwan. The number of infected was 209. According to the Chitwan Health Office, the number of infected people in Chitwan has reached 987 by Saturday. There are 167 people who have recovered.

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